Discover the Joy of Rodizio at Sushi on Fleek


Our menu is a creative mix of Brazilian and Japanese tastes. Start off with light and tasty appetizers like Sunomono (a cucumber salad), Carpaccio de Tilápia or Salmão (thinly sliced fish), and classic Ceviche. Each starter is a little bite of heaven that prepares you for the main event.

Warm and Crispy Bites

If you’re in the mood for something warm, try our Hot/Fritos section. Choices like Hot Salmão Philadelphia and Hot Camarão Philadelphia add a cozy, crunchy twist to the traditional sushi experience. These dishes bring a bit of Brazilian heat to Japanese sushi’s cool and refined flavors.

Sushi, Sashimi, and Rolls

The star of our rodizio is, without a doubt, the sushi, sashimi, and rolls. Whether you prefer the creaminess of Joe Philadelphia, the simplicity of Nigiri, or the fresh taste of Sashimi, we have something for everyone. Our rolls range from the traditional to the creative, perfect for sharing and trying new things.

Enjoy Together

Our rodizio is all about enjoying great food with friends and family. We encourage you to try a little bit of everything, with a 10-piece limit per person, to make sure everyone gets to taste a variety of dishes. It’s a wonderful way to share a meal and make memories.

Sushi on Fleek is the perfect place for both sushi lovers and newcomers to discover the joy of rodizio. Our blend of Brazilian hospitality and Japanese craftsmanship creates a dining experience like no other. Come join us for an adventure in flavor, where you can explore, enjoy, and share in a relaxed and friendly setting. At Sushi on Fleek, every meal is an opportunity to try something new and enjoy the company of others. Welcome to the best sushi experience around!


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